Imagine that you have been granted a 24-hour layover in Hong Kong during your travels. What would you do? A New York minute is a Hong Kong second! This thrilling city is home to almost 7.5 million residents with experiences that simply shouldn’t be missed. Among every unique and exciting encounter there is one that stands out above the rest. In this article we’ll be highlighting our top five reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland and why you should book your next stay at the Disney Explorers Lodge.

Location! Location! Location!

The fastest and most convenient transportation to Disneyland from the airport is by taxi. Hong Kong International Airport is just a short 12-minute car ride away from Hong Kong Disneyland. The price we paid for a one-way cab ride from the airport to Disney was 160 HK, which was equivalent to about $20.41 USD. There are other methods of transportation such as trains which typically are a lower cost starting at 60 HK, however, travel time is almost three times longer at 33 minutes one way. Although both properties are located in Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, the Disney Explorers Lodge has an exceptional view of the bay.

Upon arrival we immediately became submersed in Disney nostalgia. The architecture and layout of the resort grounds are breathtaking and quite unique. The pool overlooking the bay was spectacular! The staff was friendly and helpful with our check in process. We placed our entire luggage in our room, and headed to Disneyland!

New & Authentic Attractions

There are eleven Disney owned and operated parks worldwide, however, only five are Disneyland’s. Although each location shares a similarity, it’s easy to find a unique feature or ride that can only be found at that specific park.

Take for instance, the Iron Man Experience. During our visit to HK Disney we were lucky enough to witness this 3-D motion simulator attraction first hand. Another interesting attraction to check out is the Mystic Manor. This adventure tells the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey named Albert. There is an enchanted music box that was recently acquired that Albert opens and brings everything inside the house to life. While this attraction may resemble the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland California, the experience is quite different.

Classic Disney Characters

Mickey Mouse has been the most recognizable face of Disney since the beginning. Mickey’s pals such as Pluto, Goofy and Donald Duck are among the most identified Disney characters all over the world. At Hong Kong Disneyland you’ll get to see the adorable character Duffy the Disney bear and his newest friend Cookie that can only be found at select Disney theme parks. Cookie is a puppy who is very curious about all sorts of foods and loves to come up with delicious recipes. She is dressed in her chef’s hat and her signature pink bow. The entrance to the park also has a unique whale character, which spouts Mickey Mouse at the top. We experienced a spectacular blend of colorful bright lights and a shooting water show toward the end of our evening.

Also, at the Explorers Lodge, we highly recommend to come dine with Mickey and Minnie during a character breakfast and enjoy a full delicious buffet! The restaurant’s architecture is quite grand and the food is incredible! Our favorite part was getting to meet Mickey and friends of course!!

Marvel at the Majestic Fireworks Display

The ultimate Hong Kong Disneyland visit isn’t complete without the amazing fireworks show at the end of the day! The sky is set by a glow by glorious bursts of glitter and colorful lights along with a medley of memorable Disney songs and fantastic movie projections against the iconic Disney castle. Magical moments are truly lived out during this magnificent performance by children and adults throughout the park.

The best view is in the center of the castle, which will generally be roped off an hour or two before the performance. Try to get there early enough for a good seat!

Delicious Dining options

Disney Explorers Lodge has three of the best dining options that each guest can take advantage of starting with the Chart Room Café. This location is casual dining with multiple cuisines to choose. The second option would be the Dragon Wind. This is the restaurant where we experienced the character breakfast and themed dining. The cuisine is Chinese and international, however, the breakfast has common food such as omelets, bacon and waffles. The third options are the World of Color restaurant, which also has character and themed dining available with multiple cuisines. Any of these three dining options are completely worth every penny, and we highly recommend the character breakfast!


A 24-hour layover is more than enough time to experience the magical world of Hong Kong Disneyland and the adventures of Disney Explorers Lodge. Book your next stay and learn more at Thank you for your support in reading this article, and be sure to check out the rest of our site for more travel tips and exciting adventure stories from our travels around the world.

Have a wonderful day, and always remember your Adventure Awaits!

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