Let’s be honest, when planning a trip that involves purchasing an airplane ticket to a destination, how many times have you selected any option above the economy class seat? Well-known search engines like Google and Sky Scanner display the lowest and best-priced flights automatically which immediately structures our thought process to assume that is the maximum cost for a specific date. What about international flights? Living in Los Angeles has its perks, including a short half hour drive to LAX airport, which is a main hub to literally any location around the globe. Although we have been on many airlines in our time of traveling the world, we recently were invited to experience business class aboard Hong Kong Airlines. Hong Kong Airlines is a relatively young airline that was founded in 2006, and has reached global expansion within a short time frame covering destinations to USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Russia, and looking to expand in Europe next year!

Collaborative efforts with people such as celebrity Chef Chris Cosentino who has intricately designed their in flight menus and Forbes’ 30 under 30 Illustrator, Victor Ngai, has established a spontaneous, creative and hip brand that has quickly become our favorite. In this article we’ll highlight our top reasons why Hong Kong Airlines Business Class is worth every penny on your next international flight booking.

Passion for Service

The moment you arrive at the airport, rest assured Hong Kong employees are ready to assist and happy to help you. The purchase of a business class ticket allows for priority check in and boarding creating a stress free environment. Any luggage you brought to the check in counter will be tagged for priority baggage delivery, and extra baggage allowance is given. Once you are all checked in, order a complimentary cocktail at the VIP lounge where you will be granted access. A variety of different soups, fresh spring rolls, and iconic wontons are just a few examples of amazing food one will find at the lounge. After a relaxing airport experience, it is time for departure! Upon entering the aircraft, a friendly stewardess immediately guides you to your seat. Welcome to luxury!

Our seat number accommodations were 17E & 17F, which translated to two conjoined middle seats. Each of us had a spacious and luxurious 180-degree flat-bed seat with accompanying branch new wrapped pillows and blankets. In addition, there were two amenity kits, noise canceling headphones, Evian water bottles, Hong Kong Airlines brand slippers, reading lights, and a LCD television with a double-sided attached remote control. The polite flight attendant offered both of us orange juice and a fresh hot towel directly after our seating. We settled in for our 15-hour flight from Los Angeles, CA to Bali, Indonesia, and pleasantly enjoyed the whole experience from start to finish!

Truly Hong Kong

Each business class menu is specifically designed to match the unique flight experience. In our case, we departed California around 12 pm on a Wednesday, and arrived in Hong Kong around 6 pm on a Friday. This meant we would be served an afternoon snack, lunch, an evening snack, dinner and finally dessert before our flight had ended. The afternoon and evening snacks consisted of an assortment of breads including heated garlic bread, a balsamic vinaigrette salad, glazed and dried fruit assortments, prosciutto and seared fois gras.

The lunch and dinner consisted of a braised beef chuch in a red wine sauce, kale and sun-dried tomatoes orzo with seasonal vegetables, accompanied by tomatoes bisque and white rice.

After each delicious course, it was time for a delectable dessert, which consisted of a coconut cream pie cake with ribbon chocolate shavings and white coconut flakes.


Aside the menu items, one can order a side of classic dim sum or an old-fashioned cocktail complete with a 12 year wood aged Japanese whiskey at any time during the entire flight. The presentation of the cuisine was remarkable, and each bite was sprinkled with a true Hong Kong culture experience.


Delivering More

Entertainment is always a key factor when traveling long distance, especially when it comes to flying across the other side of the world. Hong Kong Airlines delivers with a wide variety of movies, television shows, music and games to accompany anyone during their on board experience. The double-sided remote control is equipped to handle any request from its passengers and literally available at your fingertips. A 15-hour flight can seem like a long time, however, the accommodations in business class assist with the privacy of each flight.

In our experience, we were able to watch full-length feature films and catch some sleep in the privacy of our seats while lying down fully extended at a 180-degree angle side by side.

This created more of a secluded environment with the luxury of whatever we needed from our flight attendants. In addition to the entertainment amenities, there are USB and power plug to ensure your electronic devices stay fully charged and ready for use on and off the airplane.


The affordable and attractive fairs of Hong Kong Airline’s Business Class around the world prove that the goal of the company is to allow anyone to experience the luxury at a 30,000-elevation point of view. We recommend Hong Kong Airlines to anyone traveling to one of the destinations they fly, including taking a look at booking a Business Class seat. Thank you Hong Kong Airlines for a wonderful experience aboard, and we look forward to flying you in the future!