Throughout our journey around the world, we have been lucky enough to visit a total of 63 countries year to date. Among these destinations, there have been only a few we have considered to eventually call our home when we reach that stage in our lives. Queenstown, New Zealand is definitely high on our list due to the breathtaking scenery, the wonderful people, delicious fresh food, and of course our personal favorite, the adventure capital of the world!!! In this article, we will be discussing our favorite highlights of Queenstown throughout our recent visit in November 2019. Without further ado, we present to you our Couples Guide to Queenstown, New Zealand!

Luxury Accommodation: The Spire Hotel

Accommodations are an important part of the tourism industry no matter where someone decides to spend their Holiday. Fortunately we had the pleasure of staying at one of the nicest establishments in Queenstown, The Spire Hotel. The Spire Hotel Queenstown is a 5-star luxury accommodation that is both personal and inviting to their guests delivering a superior level of customer service to each and every one. This property features ten elegant spacious guests suites complete with stone clad fireplaces.

Its contemporary interior design combined with their lavish furnishings creates the ultimate hotel experience. We were very impressed by the attention to detail throughout our room as well including a towel rack warmer!

Also, upon arrival, our fireplace was lit and classical music was playing throughout our room, talk about a romantic ambiance!!

Can we talk about our favorite part of staying in a hotel, ROOM SERVICE! The Spire really went above and beyond with surprising us with breakfast in bed! Their hospitality is one of a kind and their breakfast was delicious!!

In addition to french toast, they brought us acai bowls and fresh fruit!

The Spire’s centralized location also makes this the perfect choice for travelers who are looking for convenience to many activities and restaurants within walking distance. There are a few suites that offer beautiful balcony views of Lake Wakatipu, which brings us to their magnificent addition, the Pacific Jemm.

This luxury 80ft yacht provides access to hidden corners of Lake Wakatipu for a unique perspective on the alpine experience.

Although we are unable to properly evaluate a sailing experience due to the weather, what we can tell you about the Jemm is that it’s fit for a king, literally. This stylish vessel features two bedrooms complete with full bathrooms, a living room, full kitchen, dining room, outside dining area, and two decks.

Guests are able to rent this yacht for anywhere from a couple hours to a couple of days. A staff of two employees, a captain and a chef are available for any experience.

In conclusion, the Spire is undoubtedly our top pick when visiting Queenstown.

Limitless Adventures – Did you know Queenstown is the Adventure Capital of the World?!!

   Adventure awaits in Queenstown and is always just around the corner! Some people prefer more of a nature approach such as hiking up the majestic mountain landscape or kayaking the crystal blue lake waters. On the other hand, some might choose an activity that may not be for the faint hearted. In our experience we decided to accept the challenge and face it head on!

AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand

The AJ Hackett Nevis Bungy is the third highest bungee jumping platform in the world at a height of 134 meters which equivalates to 439 feet! Experience 8.5 seconds of pure adrenaline rush free falling the Nevis River Valley.

The entire experience from start to finish lasts about three hours. If the Nevis is too extreme there are a number of difference jumps and swings to choose.

We feel like you will find your adventure no matter what you decide!

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You Light up my Life – The Onsen Hot Pools

One of the top tourist attractions we had most looked forward to was the iconic Onsen Hot Pools and we finally had the chance to experience them first hand.

The Onsen Hot Pools offer an indoor and an outdoor pool complete with your choice of refreshments such as an ice-cold beverage accompanied by chips and ice cream. The views of Shotover River Canyon are incredible and the customer service is friendly.

We had the pleasure of watching day turn into night with spectacular views of the New Zealand night sky full of breathtaking stars.

In our case, we took the 9pm reservation so that we were able to get the best of both worlds, sunset views and stars!

Travel Tip: All reservations after 9pm are candle lit complimentary!

November was also a great month being there as the weather was colder which made us hop right in and cuddle up! This experience was truly memorable to us.

View from the Top – Skyline Queenstown

    A top tourist attraction that is enjoyable for all ages is the Skyline Queenstown Gondola. Ascend at a whopping 450m through giant Oak trees as you gaze upon panoramic views above Queenstown. The entire scenic ride is around 8 minutes and completely worth the trip.

Exciting activities are waiting for you at your final destination once you reach the top!

Experience luge rides like never before as you race down the mountain alongside other anxious drivers.

Whether you’re a first time rider or professional driver, safety is always a top priority with providing guests helmets for protection.

We had the pleasure of racing alongside each other and loved every minute! In addition, the views were breathtaking!

Once you’ve fulfilled your dream of becoming an Olympic bobsledder, it’s time to enjoy spectacular sunset views of Lake Wakatipu as you cuddle up next to someone you love in their cozy Stratosfare Restaurant & Bar. Raise a toast to the evening and order a delicious appetizer or entrée accompanied by a refreshing beverage.

Eighth Wonder of the World – Milford Sound

A visit to New Zealand would be incomplete without prioritizing a trip to the magnificent Milford Sound. The famous fiord is located in the south island and quite known for its towering Mitre Peak, lushes rainforests and waterfalls such as Stirling and Bowen falls, and its vast majority of colorful wildlife.

Milford Sound is home to fur seal colonies, a rare breed of Fiordland Crested Penguin and Bottlenose Dolphins.

In addition to its incredible marine life, lives rare black coral, which can be viewed from the Observatory. Not to mention, the most amazing creature, the Kiwi. The kiwi birds are flightless birds native to New Zealand. They are stunning birds and there are many around Milford Sound.

If you are not on a guided tour, you can book an excursion in Milford Sound. The boat trips consist of various cruise lines that sail straight through the channel and offer up-close views of cascading waterfalls. We recommend booking ahead of time as times sell out fast!

Our top recommendation would be to book a day tour through Fiordland Tours! We were very impressed with our tour given by the owner Ray! He was incredible! We stopped at many amazing spots along the way including where The Hobbit was filmed, a beautiful lake, and a 20 minute small hike to the amazing Chasm!

Ray also packed us a delicious lunch to take on the boat. The friendly staff onboard our vessel and the fascinating journey we had made our day memorable through one of New Zealand’s top tourist attractions.

It’s no question that Rudyard Kipling once called this place the eighth wonder of the world. Aside the multiple photo ops one can create for their social media channels, it’s important to realize what an important role the fiord plays in the environment. Milford Sound is one of the wettest places on earth with an average of 252 inches a year!

It’s remote location consists of steep cliffs and dense rainforest which allows the area to be unspoiled, yet tourists are able to visit each year due to the accessible roads to the only fiord in New Zealand.

We were also able to experience the southern alps covered in snow during our drive there. Milford Sound is one of the most magical places we have ever been to.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our couples guide to Queenstown, New Zealand and wish all of you happy travels!

Always remember your Adventure Awaits!

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