Universal Studios, Hollywood

The transformation of Jurassic Park into Jurassic World is now bigger, better and scarier than ever!! The ride has been revamped with new animatronic elements, greater special effects, big adrenaline scares, and state-of-the-art magic seen in its latest blockbuster film.

It starts as you enter the metal gates of Jurassic world! This really took us back reminising through our whole childhood and our love for all of the Jurassic Park movies.

We then entered through an aquarium with a shark-eating mosasaurus looking like he wanted to break through the glass and eat all of us in the boat!

The special effects here were unreal and very cinematic making us feel like we were really there. The technology creates a 3-D effect by making objects that are closer to us move a lot faster across our field of vision than objects in the distance. This made the creature look a lot larger and more frightening! We then were also sprayed by the mosasaurus which gave more of a 4-D effect!

Upon continuing through the ride, we encountered the waterfall and various non-threatening dines appeared as geysers exploded splashing us! As we enter Predator Cove, electric cables start to spark and we are warned of dangers ahead! The ramp then takes us through a tunnel where we see Chris Pratt telling us to remain calm.

This was a really neat added feature and really made us feel as we were in the movie! Dinosaurs of all sizes then began to emerge from the darkness when suddenly overhead, the famous Indominus Rexlunges towards us… just as we drop eighty-four feet to our safety!!

Overall, we were very impressed with the new opening of the ride, Jurassic World. Outside the ride, all of our childhood dreams came true as the animatronic and robotic dinosaurs crawled around.

There they stood life like and we were blown away at how far technology has come with the raptor encounters! We felt as if we were in Jurassic World. Our favorite part was meeting Blue, Jurassic World’s Heroic Raptor! Her towering height and roars are truly out of this world really test a fan’s bravery!

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