Yasawa Islands, Fiji

The Yasawa Island group is an archipelago of about 20 volcanic islands in the Western Fiji division and a short 30 minute flight from Nadi mainland by seaplane. Its remote location among pristine coral formations and beautiful beaches make this a top destination in Fiji. Excursions such as scuba diving, snorkeling, renting a private island for the day, massages, and cave swimming are just a few activities guests can enjoy around these islands. In this article, we will be highlighting our recent visit to the Yasawa Island Resort specifically and all it has to offer. Sit back, relax, and come along as paradise is found at the Yasawa Island Resort!

Our total flight time from LAX to Nadi was approximately 9 hours for the first flight, and 30 minutes from Nadi to the Yasawa Islands. Majority of the flight is spectacular aerial views of the South Pacific Ocean with vibrant shades of green and blue colors in the surrounding area.

A travel tip we can recommend is to be prepared with a camera of some sort to capture the incredible footage. The sea plane was one of our absolute favorite parts of our experience!

Upon arrival, plan to be greeted by the friendly staff with welcome leis to place around your neck.

Once they have collected your luggage, be sure to stop by the welcome sign and snap a quick selfie as you won’t want to miss it! The 15 minute drive to the resort will be entertaining as it is very informational.

The sound of joyful singing and acoustic guitars will be heard as you approach the entrance to the resort. A welcome group of about ten employees will be singing to the new arrivals as they hand you fresh coconut beverages.

Welcome Drinks!

One interesting fact we learned during our stay is the resort only hires local residents from the island. This creates a special moment for their guests as they are able to experience an authentic Fijian visit. Finally, guests will be privately escorted to their accommodations where they can start to enjoy their trip! 


The resort reserved a Deluxe Beachfront Bure for our stay which was located steps away from the beach. Inside of the Bure was a basket of fresh fruits with a personalized welcome card accompanied by a bottle of champagne.

The room size was quite spacious with a living room area, a separate bedroom, a bathroom with his and her sinks,  indoor & outdoor showers, and two balconies overlooking incredible views of the ocean.

One thing that really impressed us was their attention to detail. There were beautiful handmade flower arrangements all around our room and bathroom.

The anticipation continued to build as we ran through the rows of palm trees and coconut shells making our way to the water.

The temperature was around 80 degrees fahrenheit which was typical for the summer month of November. As we settled in to our new home for the next few days, we were in paradise!

After relaxing for a bit, it was finally time for dinner.


In addition to the luxurious accommodations is an array of different food varieties. All of the seafood is caught fresh day of and prepared for each guest.

In this instance, our first meal was the local grilled fish with a delicious potato side along with a salad. It was incredible!

Wahoo- Best fish we have ever had!
Lets talk about this dessert! WOW!
Authentic Fijian Cuisine
Breakfast! Coconut Crepes with Caramel

Not only was the food delicious, the views were breathtaking! The restaurant is located at the center of the resort alongside a massive infinity pool and bar overlooking the beach.

After dinner, jet lag finally set in as we began to unpack and rest for the second day of our adventure. 

Pure Paradise!


Among the activities offered at Yasawa Island Resort, here is a list of our favorite excursions:

  • Scuba Diving

Although this activity highly depends on the time of year, conditions and visibility under the sea in Fiji are superb all year round. In our experience, the water temperatures were comfortable and the visibility was around 90 feet plus, which makes for excellent scuba diving conditions!

That being said, although our dive location offered views of amazing coral formations, it was lacking in a variety of marine life. Fiji, however is known to have some of the best diving in the world so it could of just been the location being that it was a new dive site we were exploring. We would recommend this activity to a beginner to novice scuba diver level.

  • Kava Ceremony

The Kava Ceremony is a tradition held by the local villages and tribes throughout the Fiji islands. Kava is a liquid mixture made from roots and dirt that typically has a numbing effect when consumed orally.

This tradition was originally used to welcome guests to drink with the chief of their specific village when visiting. It was really inspiring learning about Kava and the Fijian culture.

Upon completing our Kava ceremony, it was then time to celebrate with singing and dancing.

In our experience, we appreciated the meaning behind the ceremony, and did in fact try the kava!

It did cause our tongues and cheeks to become numb for a few minutes but it truly was an incredible experience! We highly recommend it when visiting the beautiful islands of Fiji.

Our absolute favorite thing about Fiji was the people!
  • Couples Massage at Baravi Spa

The couples massage offered here at the resort is second to none. The massage beds are located at the spa at the end of the resort on the beach in pure seclusion. They are set to create an indoor/outdoor serene and tranquil experience.

Gorgeous Waiting Areas!

They offer a variety of services and aromatherapy add- ons. We highly recommend the spa when visiting Yasawa.

  • Cave Swimming & Diving

If you have ever seen the movie, “Blue Lagoon” then you will be very familiar with this next excursion. The Sawa-I-Lau Caves are located about a twenty minute boat ride from the resort and a must visit! This unique activity offers their guests giant rock formations and underwater swim through caves.

There is a second cave in the cave that you are able to swim through. It is more for an advanced swimmer, however fairly easy. You will have to be able to hold your breath for just about 4 seconds to reach the second cave. This is completely optional. In our experience, we would recommend bringing a waterproof camera such as a GoPro to ensure you are able to capture your time as well!

  • Private Dinner on the Beach

This special moment is available through the hotel for their guests. Imagine sitting candle-lit on the beach while the waves are slowly crashing the shore, toasting your significant other with a delicious cocktail. This was one of our favorite experiences during the trip. It was very romantic and our dinner was incredible! It was truly the best seafood dinner we have ever experienced!! The seafood platter we were served boasted with a giant lobster, local caught crabs and shrimp, and delicious fish filets.

Authentic Fijian Dessert!

Although we shared this entree, we barely finished our plates as it is more than enough food to split between two people. We recommend booking around sunset as well for ultimate romance!

  • Private Island for the Day

We saved the best for last! If there is one excursion you do not want to miss, it is this activity! When booking Yasawa Island Resort, they include your very own private island for the day!! This includes a private picnic on the beach, a preset hut complete with a bed, snorkel gear, an umbrella, and miles of pristine ocean and beach views. The private island we chose was called Yawini!! It is a connecting private sandbar that connects two islands and depending on the tides you can walk across.

“Is this real life”

It is about a 15 – 20 minute boat ride from Yasawa Island Resort. In our experience, we would recommend snorkeling around the house reef, and if possible bringing a drone to capture some epic amazing footage! 

Overall our experience at Yasawa Island Resort was magical! The slogan, “Welcome Home” completely fits the brand, and the staff makes you feel like family!

The property has 11 private beaches to choose from complete with 18 Beachfront Bures. We consider the friendly and welcoming staff at Yasawa Island Resort as our family. Our recommendation would be to stay on property for a minimum of at least 3 days to get the full all inclusive experience. We can not wait to return one day! Thank you at Yasawa Island Resort for truly a trip of a lifetime!!

Cheers to Yasawa Island Resort and Spa!!

Check Out our Video Below for the All Inclusive Yasawa Experience!