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Rome is a poem that has been pressed into a city filled with marvelous architecture and sprinkled with drops of Italian heritage. At nearly 3,000 years old, this metropolis possesses incredible sites to behold such as the ancient ruins from the Roman Empire and the infamous Vatican City, which are the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Intimidating as all this may sound, we have managed to compress a few of our favorite highlights from our visit to help you decide if Rome is right for you! Come explore with us as we take a look into true Italian culture!

Maya Tours Rome: Walking Tour


The only thing better than experiencing history is having professionals to guide you. These individuals have been trained with a wealth of knowledge to assist with any possible questions you may have and can explain in detail quality information. In our experience, the walking tour of the city was private, which was beneficial due to my inquisitive self. The tour started in the middle of the Piazza Navona where we met our wonderful guide, John. Once he had explained the significance about the massive pillar at the center, we understood how it connected all the streets together. We then proceeded to the Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Piazza di Spagna, Trevi Fountain, and finally the Quattro Fontane.



After a fascinating evening of learning about gifted architects like Gian Lorenzo Bernini and creative painters like Leonardo Da Vinci it was time for dinner. Our awesome guide treated us to great wine, delicious food, and a night full of laughter. We recommend Maya Tours for travelers of all ages.


Secret Food Tour: 


Tradition comes in many flavors, and that is exactly what you will taste on the Rome Secret Food Tour. At approximately eight in the morning, we lined up outside of Piazza Navona to meet with our lovely tour guide. The tour started off with a trendy espresso accompanied by classic biscotti. After that introduction, we went on to visit multiple cafes, restaurants and family owned cheese delis. One of the major components with this tour is that you will not go hungry. In fact, you may find yourself deciding whether to skip a few items on the never-ending menu. Once again we found ourselves learning about “Al Dente” pasta and savoring the original version of the canoli throughout the day. Of course this tour would not be complete without a big gelato finish! Overall, our experience was filling yet satisfying beyond belief. We recommend this tour for the hungry travelers. 

 Vatican City:

 Long before Tom Hanks portrayed Robert Langdon in the Hollywood hit “Angels & Demons” where he warns the Vatican of the estranged group known as the Illuminati, which could potentially hurt their existence, there was a mysterious sovereign state in the middle of Rome, Italy. Vatican City may be the smallest country in the world; however, with a net worth of almost 15 billion dollars it is far from the weakest.


If a person was to visit the Vatican from opening to closing hours seven days in a row, they might be able to see almost what this entire powerful city has to display.


In our experience, we were privately guided through St. Peters Basilica, and quietly marveled at the world-renowned painting, by Michelangelo, the Sistine Chapel. Our guide was extremely knowledgeable in a biblical context, and patient in answering all our questions. Due to the nature of this tour, we would recommend for teenagers and above. We also highly recommend booking Maya Tours for this fantastic experience!



“Are you not entertained?!” This quote may have become famous when Russell Crowe played Maximus shouting it out in the Hollywood blockbuster film, “Gladiator,” however; the iconic stadium in which he stands is really the shining star of that movie. The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater ever built, and a true representation of what Roman times were like. There have been a number of events that have taken place in this very location including gladiatorial events, public spectacles, animal hunts, mock sea battles, and world-class concerts. In our experience, this was the second part of our tour for the day, where our tour guide treated us to lunch right outside the famous walls. Once we had entered through the gates we instantly became captivated by the architecture and overwhelmed with excitement.

Some of the most interesting facts about this site are the historical conditions below the centers surface. Big game animals such as lions, tigers and packs of wild wolves would be stored in tiny crates in the worst environment to ensure they’re willingness to attack prey. In addition, the fighters would practice right next to them with no ventilation system causing irritation and anger. Once the person is inside the circular stage, a random animal would be catapulted from the floor resulting in a fight to the death battle. Although this tour was one of our favorites, the weather conditions prompt us to say we recommend it to teenagers and above.

After spending one week in Rome, Italy, we can say with confidence that only a quarter of the city was explored. In actuality, one could spend an entire month navigating around the narrow streets and visiting the ancient attractions in order to completely submerge themselves in Roman culture. Never the less, we truly appreciate every partner who was willing to work with us, and make our stay that much more enjoyable. We consider them family, and patiently await our return. Vivere una vita bella!


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