How many activities can one do in a weekend while visiting South Lake Tahoe?

South Lake Tahoe is a California resort city located in the Sierra Nevada. This destination is known for its amazing ski resorts and beautiful beaches. In addition to its breathtaking scenery, it also boasts a plethora of delicious restaurants and a couple famous casinos adjacent to Stateline, Nevada. This past weekend we were invited to showcase how many sports and activities we could participate in during our visit. In this article we’ll highlight our favorite activities such as skydiving, snowboarding, and boating that one can do during a trip to this heavenly city.

Authentic Accommodations: Camp Richardson Resort

Imagine breathing in the fresh crisp mountain air while gazing out along the blue shades of Lake Tahoe while sipping on your warm morning espresso. This is exactly what you’ll experience at Camp Richardson. Our accommodations included a vintage cabin in the woods among others boasting a quaint yet elegant vibe.

This cabin was equipped with a full kitchen, dining room, living room with a fireplace, bathroom, bedroom and separate morning coffee room.  The month of April tends to be a little colder than the summer months, which meant we always set our heater to a toasty eighty degrees.

The resort property grounds also have a restaurant, convenience store, pier, ice cream shop and coffee shop within walking distance of all the cabins. Our experience was magical and we recommend this establishment for all ages.

Sports & Activities

Sierra at Tahoe

We decided to start off our weekend in style with snowboarding passes to Sierra at Tahoe. This happened to be the first experience either one of us had at this particular mountain. The mountain is relatively large with vast runs expanding to all levels of skiing and snowboarding. After a couple practice runs on the bunny hills we decided to head on to Grandview. The lift carried us to the top of the mountain where we had a 360-degree view of South Lake Tahoe.

There was literally a restaurant with a lookout balcony called 360 Smokehouse BBQ where we dined on their signature Tahoe King Sandwiches.

Once we had taken a few notable pictures we darted out towards our first ski run. The entire run took us about 35 minutes to snowboard down with stunning views along the way. After three hours of snowboarding it was time for a exhilarating skydive session!

Sky Dive Lake Tahoe

Sky Dive Lake Tahoe is located about an hour drive away from Sierra at Tahoe. Upon arrival, nerves began to set in as we strapped on our gear and we’re briefed on our instructions. I opted to wear a Superman outfit while Ashley decided to sport an army girl camouflage.

After a scenic route in the sky around the areal views of the lake it was time for our jump.

In a matter of three seconds we were completely airborne and free falling. Some people have flashbacks of their life in a blink of an eye during moments like this and other take a leap of faith. This was that moment for the both of us where we felt at one with the universe. Sixty seconds of free fall can feel like an eternity and the adrenaline can last a lifetime.

Leave it to say this is not for the faint hearted, however, we are so glad to have completed our third sky dive! We recommend this activity to the Adventurer looking for that extra rush!

Sky Dive Lake Tahoe was AMAZING! They were very professional and we felt safe the whole time. The owner Dave was so informative and awesome!!!! It was truly an experience of a lifetime!

Finally, we made our way back to the Lake Tahoe marina where it was time for our boating activity.

Tahoe Sports Ski Run Boat Company

Tahoe Sports is the largest rental company on the south shore. They are family owned and an all-seasons sports provider. They carry anything from ski and snowboard to power boat and personal watercraft rentals. During our experience, a private driver greeted us with smiles and welcomed us onto one of their private boat rentals. By the time I had turned on our GoPro we had embarked off on the giant crystal clear lake where legends had sailed and myths of the deep waters had been scattered throughout the year. The rippling waters reflected the sun in the sky while the mirrored illusion looked like a smooth glass surface.

After about fifteen minutes of intense power boating we made it to Emerald Bay. Here lies an ancient Scandinavian castle with a floating island harboring a castle-like stone structure that had been rumored to hold tea parties for a Scandinavian princess many years ago. At any given time one can see straight to the bottom of the lake due to its 99% clarity. Some have even seen shipwrecks at shallow depths when the skies are typically clear.

In our case, this was an incredible experience that we would recommend to anyone looking for a relaxing time.

Eateries and Restaurants (Our Top Recommendations)

Cold Water Brewery and Grill

Come one come all to the Cold Water Brewery and Grill where the service is friendly and the cuisine is second to none. The menu has an array of dishes to heighten the senses and the drinks are aimed to please. We decided on a signature Old Fashioned and Margarita to start off our evening followed by a main dish of Salmon and the house favorite Fish & Chips.

The environment was entertaining on a Saturday, and this establishment happened to be just a few short minutes away from our resort.

Verde Mexican Rotisserie

The next day we decided to try Verde Mexican Rotisserie completed with a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and Signature Margarita. We both decided to order the Verde Rancheros, which was to die for! The ambiance was really modern and what we loved about this establishment is it is dedicated to being wholesome and fresh while striving for sustainability.

Beacon Bar and Grill at Camp Richardson Resort

That evening we opted to stay at our resort and dine at the classic Beacon Bar & Grill. The restaurant is located on the shores of South Lake Tahoe on the way to Emerald Bay. It is a very romantic ambiance with lakeside views and fire pits outside. During the summer, they also have live music. We opted to have an Old Fashioned and their famous Rum Runner drink! The Rum Runner is a staple here and let us tell you, it is fantastic! For our main course we ordered the sea scallop entrée and Filet Mignon. Both choices were delectable and definitely a high recommendation.

Keys Cafe

Keys Cafe was a super cute relaxing cozy cafe serving java, breakfasts, sandwiches in a cabin-like interior. They use natural, organic, and local ingredients and have free wifi, computers, and a printer for use. The atmosphere is really laid back inside with great vibes! While we were on the go, we stopped here to order an Acai bowl and it was delicious!!

As you can see, there is so much to do in South Lake Tahoe, and even though we only had a couple days we proved that adventure is found within. Check out our highlight below!!

Thank you for your support in reading our article, and please feel free to visit our website for more travel tips and tricks from around the world. Have a great one and always remember your adventure awaits!