As a child, the majority of us probably loved field trips to the local zoo where we could pretend to be Adventurers on an Animal Safari in the Wild! This childhood fantasy turned into a reality upon our arrival to the Mara River Safari Lodge at the Bali Safari & Marine Park located in Bali, Indonesia. During our stay we did everything from dining with lions, experience an elephant back safari ride, witness a night safari with tigers crawling on our cage, and so much more! In this article we’ll highlight our favorite encounters at the park including tips, tricks and more for your next stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge at the Bali Safari and Marine Park.

Adventurous Accommodations:

The Mara River Safari Lodge Hotel is a family-friendly resort with 38 fully equipped rooms and 4-star facilities. Each room is designed to have a backdrop that exposes the raw beauty of wild animals in their natural habitat. There are four different types of rooms available that offer everything from a lovely couples hideaway to a larger family adventure. In our case, we were given the Twiga Suite Room, which is located on the second floor above the open terrace. The décor and ambiance reflected a rustic charm of an African safari that immediately brought us back to a child like state.

Once we noticed the complimentary fruit and vegetables on our nightstand we knew exactly what to do. As we walked out onto our balcony, excitement overcame both of us as we were embraced by a heard of zebras, a rhinoceros, a couple wilder beasts, and three elephants! We exhausted all of the fruits and veggies within twenty minutes feeding the animals listed above that were literally an arm toss away from our room. Our recommendation would be to request or reserve a room situated in the middle of the open terrace for the best views of the animals.

The Rhino Package:

 At hotel check-in the receptionist explained in detail what package we had been given, and everything that was included:

  • Safari Journey (Unlimited)
  • Animal Show, Harimau Show & Elephant Show
  • Fresh Water Aquarium
  • Fun Zone (Unlimited) and Waterpark
  • Elephant Ride (30 Minutes)
  • Welcome drink and Express line
  • Souvenir and Photo Picture (1x)
  • Bali Agung Show (Platinum Seat)
  • Lunch at Tsavo Lion Restaurant


Night Safari:

The night of our arrival we had two items to be checked off the list: Dinner show and a Night Safari. Once we had placed our orders for two refreshing Capriosca’s, we headed down to the open buffet. There was plenty of delicious food available that included Nasi Goreng, Mei Goreng, and beef satays. About thirty minutes into our dinner it was time for our Fire Show! Multiple fire dancers lit up the night sky for the next hour while a cultural story was displayed with performers dressed up in giant animal costumes. Our recommendation would be to grab a closer seat where the main audience is located due to the limited visibility from the dinner deck.


After such an entertaining experience, we stepped into the portable cage that drove us into the open jungle terrace. What if I told you that we immediately became the observed instead of the observer? Well, this is exactly what happened when two adult tigers jumped over the rock and onto our cage right above our heads!! It took a second to realize that the only thing separating our group from the tigers was a cage. While the tigers walk and lay across the top, the people inside are able to reach through just enough to pet the wild oversized cats. Our recommendation would be to stand directly in the middle toward the left side for best viewing of the animals.

Breakfast with Lions:

The next morning we woke up to the sound of lions roaring and elephant trumpets sounding while the sun rose high in the beautiful Bali sky! We immediately headed to our breakfast experience, which took us for a walk on the wild side. After checking in with our hostess, she walked us to our table where we noticed four grown adult sized lions sitting on giants rocks just a few feet away from our table with nothing but a floor-to-ceiling plexi glass wall separating us! Although the breakfast buffet was just as delicious as our previous dinner, it was hard to focus on eating pancakes and eggs while four Simbas watched you eat. Never the less, it was a fantastic breakfast encounter with some incredible views of majestic animals. Our recommendation would be to sit directly in the middle as close to the window as possible for best viewing of the lions.

Let’s Get Wild!

In a quick hour we were fully ready to experience the Bali Safari Marine Park. Upon arrival we were escorted through the entrance gates and into the VIP lounge where we were treated to unlimited refreshments and snacks of our choice. Moments later we were greeted by the friendly Marketing Manager who was happy to explain the details of our day. After obtaining our media passes and guide map we were ready to see some exotic animals! First stop was the tiger sanctuary where we witnessed giant adult tigers climbing up tall trees and performing with the experienced stunt professionals. We then headed to the anticipated White Tiger viewing and feeding! This activity is typically a separate booking, however, we were lucky enough to secure a spot! As we walked down the stairs and through the underground tunnel up to the feeding station our hearts were racing with excitement! Ashley was first up with her feeding tongs ready holding a nice size piece of raw chicken. A few seconds later Kayla, the gorgeous white tiger, came walking up to the cage window where we shared an incredible twenty minute session of hand feeding and picture taking. This was the very first experience either one of us has had with any wild animal, and we couldn’t of been more happy with the result. This encounter was hands down our favorite encounter at the Bali Safari Marine Park.

Throughout the day we watched an amazing elephant show with a total of eight elephants of all sizes tell a story about the cultural history of Bali Indonesia where Ashley was selected to come up on stage and have a lei placed around her neck from the friendly elephant. How could our day get any more awesome after that right? Toward the end of the day we both climbed aboard the backside of an elephant to ride through the open jungle terrace where we experienced a day safari-watching zebras, wilder beasts, and rhinoceros roam around.



The Bali Safari and Marine Park is an absolute adventure! If you have enough time stay at the Mara River Safari Lodge for the best experience, and plenty of opportunities to encounter a large number of wild animals! Thank you for your support in reading our article, and please feel free to visit for more travel tips and exciting adventure stories from our travels around the world!

Have a great one and always remember your adventure awaits!