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Mexico is known for it’s authentic cuisine, historical sites, and world-class resorts. If you happen to be one of the lucky forty million who reside in the sunshine state known as California, it is not uncommon to find a direct 2 ½ hour flight from LAX to this vacation destination. This past February we decided to plan a visit to experience one of our favorite resort chain Pueblo Bonito Resorts, which happened to be our very first trip together back in 2012. The words “Pueblo Bonito” by definition literally mean “Beautiful Town” and this is displayed perfectly throughout all of their property locations. Pueblo Bonito has six, all-inclusive beach resorts in Mexico with golf, spa services and villas in Cabo San Lucas & Mazatlan. In this article we’ll highlight our top favorite reasons to plan your next vacation at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica resort & spa.

Above & Beyond

When it comes to luxury resorts, accommodations play a significant role in whether the 5 star rating is warranted or not. At Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, the bar is set even higher! Nestled on a secluded beach, Pueblo Bonito’s Pacifica resort is known to be the world’s most romantic resort!! This luxury all-inclusive property is modern, yet elegant with outstanding hospitality and cuisine. The resort even offers a new level of luxury at the Towers of Pacifica where you are invited to the VIP Lounge and you have a 24 hour butler service certified by the British Butler Institute.

During our experience, the resort had arranged a private car to pick us up from the SJD airport upon arrival, and the ride was only about an hour with no traffic. Once we arrived, we were given welcome margaritas and were checked into our room. A friendly employee by the name of Leopoldo greeted us at the lobby, and informed us he would be our personal butler for the duration of our stay. Leo then arranged for our luggage to be taken to our room, and personally walked us through the resort grounds to the towers where our suite was located. The suite boasted elegant décor throughout with a private balcony overlooking the courtyard pool and scenic ocean views.

A “welcome” was displayed in red stones across our king size bed, along with a welcome note with chocolates were situated on our nightstand.

Personally, we’ve always preferred to have the restroom separate from the shower, and this is exactly what was designed for your convenience. The waterfall shower head also added a nice touch. Leo also exchanged phone numbers before we arrived as he wanted to make sure we had everything we needed and assured us he would be setting all reservations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

VIP Lounge:

One of the perks of staying in the Towers at the Pacifica is their amazing VIP Lounge. The lounge offers top shelf liquors, beer, wine, and champagne, and an upscale dining area with a beautiful patio looking over the ocean!

Culinary Cuisine

During our stay, we were fortunate to eat at some of the top restaurants on property at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, Pueblo Bonito Rose and Pueblo Bonito Sunset. We can not express how amazing the team’s hospitality was and how special they made us feel!

The first night we dined at The Peninsula, located at the Pacifica. The restaurant was incredible. Chef Alberto prepared a special menu just for us where we were able to try a six-course dinner consisting of their featured meals. Our dinner included shrimp ceviche, organic salad, stuffed clams, baby pork tacos, sea bass, and a delicious corn cake to finish off the evening. The quality of the food was second to none, and the service was amazing.

The next morning we had the opportunity to experience a champagne brunch at Siempre, located in the center of the Pacifica resort.

The buffet was filled with rows of delicious food including a sushi and oyster bar, a quesadilla and chilaquiles station, a taco bar, delectable desserts, and a champagne bar that consisted of mimosas and bloody marys known as the “Hangover Station.”

As a Pacifica guest, we felt this was most important to try versus room service for many reasons. Awesome views of the ocean, friendly service from staff members, and most importantly amazing food with great drinks!

That same evening we were taken by private shuttle to the Pueblo Bonito Rose, which is located about a 20-minute car ride inside of town. To our surprise, the resort grounds had recently been renovated and acquired a new restaurant since we had visited back in 2012. Fun fact: The All-Inclusive option allows guests to eat at all four Pueblo Bonito resorts in Cabo. Welcome to Fellini’s!

This Italian inspired restaurant was recently established within the last 3 years or so, and is well worth the trip from Pacifica. To start off the night, we were given a bottle of Mexican red wine that its grapes are grown in the up and coming southern wine region of Mexico. After a celebration toast, we enjoyed a delicious 5 course meal consisting of oysters with mozzarella in a wine reduction sauce, heirloom tomatoes salad, lobster ravioli, lamb chops cooked on a salt rock, and a flaming dessert finish!

The next morning, we experienced one of our favorite restaurants, Quivira Los Cabos!

Quivira’s is located at the world class Quivira Golf Club and is known for its stunning views! Quivira’s serves a wonderful breakfast but is also great for dinner as it is a steakhouse! This was one of our favorite mornings as we had the pleasure of meeting our wonderful host Alex who went above and beyond for our stay!

Our final dinner experience was at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset at the famous La Frida. As we sat down, the alcohol cart pulled up to our table, and immediately handed us two glasses with premium tequila as they began to make their specialty margaritas.

The restaurant manager then came out to introduce himself, and also introduced us to our chef which had prepared an amazing 5 course dinner especially for our visit which consisted of stuffed croquette, organic salad with cooked ant dressing, seared duck, filet mignon, and a special Mexican coffee. Yes you read that right, “cooked ant” salad dressing!

Surprisingly enough there is a little town called Oaxaca, Mexico where a seasonal flying ant by the name of chicatanas is a delicacy throughout the region. All 5 courses were amazing, and we recommend La Frida for a fun family outing or that special date night as the outstanding service and delicious food justify the occasion.

Serene Spa

Now let’s talk about the real reason people like to go on vacation … the pampering! At Pueblo Bonito Pacifica the Armonia Spa is one in a million that offers spacious lounges, plush dressing areas with full showers, restrooms, and secured cabinets, separate hot tub, pool and steam rooms for both male and females, and lavish massage rooms with your choice of organic oils.

Our itinerary opted for a couples massage and access to the spa amenities in the afternoon. We chose the chamomile and lavender oils for our massages. The 60 minute full-body massage was relaxing and satisfying in so many ways. After our sessions, we decided to try out the hot tub and steam room.

Due to the limited number of appointments that are booked, we recommend checking in with the front desk to secure your spa experience, however, this also means full relaxation with only a few people in the spa at one time. After our zen experience, we were relaxed and ready for adventure!

Adventure Awaits

The wonderful management at Pueblo Bonito Resorts decided to set us up with a Sunset Sailing with the reputable tour hosted by Cabo Adventures. The entire tour lasted 3 marvelous hours, and we encountered a special unexpected surprise! The moment we left the harbor, the Cabo Adventure team made us feel right at home. Imagine sailing through turquoise waters with a perfect view of the famous Cabo arch, and then toasting with your choice of alcoholic beverages.

Half way through the tour they offer a complimentary snacks such as caprese, pasta salad, chips and guacamole, and select meats and cheeses on a stick. There is a designated area near the cabo arch where it is common to find a great deal of seals swimming and sun bathing on giant oceanic boulders.

This setting alone was more than enough to say this tour was incredible, however, an unexpected surprise happened. Two giant humpback whales made their impressive appearance with one even breaching alongside our sailboat, and finished with their giant fins waving goodbye to us above water.

This excursion is a must do, and we recommend this tour to anyone over the age of 5 years old.

Cabana for the Day:

Kick back, relax, and don’t forget to complete your stay with a private cabana on the Beach at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica!! Your cabana includes butler service and the most incredible views of the ocean!

Tip: Make sure to take a walk along the beach during sunset! It is truly one of the most romantic walks we’ve had!

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to the Pueblo Bonito Resort & Spa team for hosting our incredible stay and welcoming service!

Thank you for your support in reading our article, and please feel free to visit our social media channels for more travel tips and exciting adventure stories from our travels around the world!

Have a great one and always remember your Adventure Awaits!

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