Escape Krampus in Downtown La

What’s more terrifying than a, “half goat, half demon,” known as Krampus? How about being locked in an extremely dingy and spine-chilling room for 60 minutes with frightening sounds and terrorizing tasks at your fingertips to escape the claws of death! Still not convinced? In this article we’ll highlight our favorite reasons why 60 Out Escape Rooms should be your top pick to visit when looking for a scary time with friends and family.

Wonderful Location:

The city of Los Angeles can be a giant headache when it comes to driving at any given time of any day of the week. Whether it’s the congested rush hour traffic or limited parking spaces available, it is common to feel the frustration that people of this spectacular city have felt. 60 Out Escape Rooms is located just outside the main hub of towering infrastructures and high-rises with plenty of parking space available. In addition to the stress-free environment, there are also a variety of restaurants, sit down or fast food, ready to service you before or after your trip. In our experience, we arrived for an evening session of fun with two other couples, and were able to park with ease, take a 3 minute walk to the building, and sign in worry free all in about 5 minutes.

Diversified Games:

Each new season brings a selection of new games that can be played. In our case, Krampus is a part of their winter season selection of spooky rooms. Today there are over fifteen escape rooms offered at 60 Out Escape Rooms and they are excited to be introducing two new ones, Jumanji and Time Machine! These exciting rooms range from mystery, action, funny, to horror, and usually are played with anywhere from 2 – 10 people depending on your room. Krampus in particular felt like a rollercoaster of excitement with one hair-raising task after another. Some escape rooms might have one big room with clues scattered throughout and only one way to escape. Other rooms will have multiple doors that lead to multiple rooms with riddles and puzzles that can easily be solved in groups. Even though we aren’t able to tell you the exact description of the Krampus room in hopes of not spoiling it for the others, we are able to vouch for it’s creepy appearance. Krampus delivers an exciting experience that will keep you on your feet the whole time! A word of advice, try not to look behind you and don’t be scared of the dark!

Level of Difficulty:

On a scale from 1 – 10, we would rate this escape room as being at an intermediate level. Some rooms can be less difficult than others, and in this case we would recommend attempting to complete with a group. We have visited almost half a dozen escape rooms from northern to southern California, and only had a 20 percent chance of escaping them all. In this case, we were unsuccessful at escaping Krampus with only one more task to unscramble and seconds left on the clock. There is always a bittersweet taste of freedom when the buzzer goes off, and you’re still locked away inside the room. In our experience, we enjoyed every minute of this thrilling room, and recommend it to anyone seeking to enter into a fear driven world of Christmas mayhem.

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