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What do the colors red, white and blush mean to you? In the world of wine enthusiasts these common terms can have a variety of different descriptions. California is prevalent with an abundance of wineries ranging from colossal brands such as Napa Valley, Paso Robles, and Santa Ynez in the north, and quality labels like Temecula Valley in the south. Although each one offers there own unique style of tastings and activities, we recently encountered something unlike anything we’ve seen before. Malibu Wine Safari’s takes the game to a whole new level of fun! The idea of mixing exotic animals with exquisite beverages has captured our hearts, and we’ll highlight our top reasons why everyone should experience these magical moments. Welcome to the Saddlerock ranch and Vineyard!

Stanley the Giraffe Experience 

Although there are multiple safari tours available at Malibu Wines, there is one in particular that seems to be a crowd pleaser and a favorite. Stanley the Giraffe is a famous retired movie animal with such hits like, “The Hangover 3” under his giant size belt, and a number of commercials including Verizon and Doritos to name a couple. The tour’s first stop will take you straight to this loveable creatures habitat where you’ll have a few memorable moments feeding and petting him. The driver will explain interesting details about Stanley before or after you visit with him, which allows for a more personable encounter. Our experience was nothing short of magical, and we would recommend this tour to people of all ages. 

Animal Safari Adventure


Zebras, Alpacas and Ox’s, oh my! Ok so that last phrase sets the tone for entering into the Wizard of Oz, however, this also may depend on the number of wine tastings you’ve had at this point. In any case, you’re in luck because this next stop of the tour will bring out your inner animal lover side. Grab a couple carrots and get ready to hand feed a Zebra! These gentle mammals are calmly waiting gate side for tourists to give them a healthy snack accompanied by a friendly pet. Next will be a couple of international ox’s who are just as hungry, and anxious to meet you! Finally, there will be a group of alpacas of all different shapes and sizes eager to make your acquaintance. Luckily, your tour guides will have buckets of chopped up carrots and lettuce heads to feed your new hungry friends, and of course the tour wouldn’t be complete without some heavy petting. This was our second favorite part of this wonderful tour, and we recommend having your camera ready for those great shots!


Wine Tasting Flights


It’s time to discuss the goods, and what you all have been patiently waiting for the wine! There were two wine tasting stops on our tour. The first stop was directly after the Giraffe experience, and started off with all white wines. The three wines included a Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Stanley’s very own Moscato label. On the second stop, the red wines included a Pinot Noir, Merlot and our personal favorite the Syrah. Once you have tasted all three wines you will have a chance to revisit the ones you liked. Each stop will have a picturesque background with rolling hills of vineyards that is perfect for photo ops! The tour guide is extremely polite and will offer to take complimentary photos with your camera or phone. In our experience, we recommend taking a picture on the wooden bridge over the quaint lake during your second destination. Smile for the camera!

Overall our experience was absolutely amazing and truly a fantastic fun-filled day! 

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Have a great one, and always remember your Adventure Awaits!

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