When it comes to adventure, we are typically open minded to try anything related to travel. Snorkeling, Free Diving and Scuba Diving are a few activities we have grown to become passionate about as we are advocates of keeping our oceans clean. To date, we have snorkeled some of the clearest waters in the French Polynesia, been free diving in exotic locations such as the Exuma Cays, and recently completed our 40th scuba dive as an open-water certification level in Bali, Indonesia. This past year we were introduced to a company called Sublue which is a team of professionals focusing on DVP (diving propeller vehicles), underwater drones and robots. Sublue’s advanced technology and capability have developed a series of innovative products for water sports and amusement. Last month we were given a WHITESHARK mix underwater scooter to utilize in our trip to Indonesia. This awesome creation allowed us to reach depth at a controlled speed without over exerting ourselves during snorkeling and free diving with Manta Ray. In addition, we were able to take it with us during our diving as it has a max depth of 40 meters! In this article, we’ll briefly highlight our favorite specifications of the Sublue WHITESHARK mix underwater scooter, and why you should get one for your next vacation!

Size Does Matter:

Travel is an everyday part of our lives which means we prefer our luggage, accessories and equipment to be convenient and portable. The Sublue WHITESHARK mix comes with a trendy lightweight bag that has drawstrings one can use as a backpack, and the scooter perfectly fits like a glove. In our experience, we were able to take it with us on our plane as a carry on. The weight was completely manageable with my carry on suite case, and fit great in the overhead compartment. The device was completely charged and ready for use for when we arrived to our destination which was convenient for our schedule and anxiousness. Whether you’re traveling by plane, train or automobile, Sublue has designed this machine for your comfort level of traveling. 

Double the Fun:

Each Sublue WHITESHARK mix underwater scooter is equipped with double propellers. The exact specification is 8KG thrust with a speed up to 1.5m/s. What that meant for us, is deeper controlled diving possibilities and assistance with currents during our time of snorkeling with marine life such as the giant Oceanic and Reef Manta Ray. In our experience, we were able to not only keep up with these gentle giants of the ocean, but also capture the exciting footage on camera!


Float Like a Butterfly:

The scooter itself maintains positive buoyancy with the attached floater which is perfect when snorkeling. Sublue allows the person using it to push through current and mimic the graceful glide of creatures like a Manta Ray. Sublue allowed us more time to focus on experiencing marine life first hand, instead of being concerned about over exerting ourselves. On the other hand, we found it best to remove the attached floater when scuba diving, as it allows for better balance and buoyancy.


Overall, our experience with the Sublue WHITESHARK mix underwater scooter was quite enjoyable. This amazing technology enhanced our snorkeling, free diving and scuba diving experience to a whole new level! If you are like us and enjoy water activities, definitely take a minute to visit www.sublue.com to learn how you can get your hands on the WHITESHARK mix for your next adventure!

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