Tis’ The Season: Big Bear, California

Southern California is known for its charming coast line, variety of cultural food, and within a few short hours of driving scenic views of lakes, forestry, and mountains. Big Bear Lake is located adjacent to the San Bernardino Mountains, and holds a vast majority of activities throughout the seasons. In particular, we are going to focus on our top five winter attractions to do in Big Bear, California.

#5 Bear Mountain Ski Resort


On December 8, 2017 the much-anticipated opening day of Bear Mountain arrived. Although there were only a handful of lifts available at this time, beginners to the experienced visited the mountain. In recent years, the monstrous Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort had joined forces with Bear Mountain Resort to create one conglomerate of a company. The upside to this merger was that the mountain would no longer be able to sell out of tickets, however, the downside is that prices were raised across the board on all lift tickets. Overall, our experience was nothing short of entertaining, and we recommend this as our number five activities on our list of things to do.


 #4 Mountain Room Escapes


Lights, Camera, Action! Imagine that you are trapped inside an avalanche covered ski resort, with nothing but riddles and clues at your disposal where you have exactly one hour to escape while the rush of anxiety keeps building second after second! Escape Rooms have quickly blossomed around the west coast and east coast area, and welcome large groups of people to participate. In our experience, we played the game with ten of our closest friends, and escaped with 15 minutes to spare on the clock! If you are one of the lucky escapees, there is a bonus room with extra games and puzzles! Best of luck!

#3 Action Segway Tours

 Are you ready for a fun, beautiful scenic two-hour tour gliding on a Segway lakeside through the forest while exploring the remarkable quaint town Big Bear has to offer? Action Segway Tours provide a professional and wonderful experience year round. They provide certified trained guides that will teach you the history of Big Bear and make sure you have a great time. This tour is not only educational, it is an exhilarating adventure. Although we opted for the zipline tour with Action Tours, we can’t wait to return and join a Segway experience! We have heard amazing reviews of the tour and have experienced the amazing staff ourselves! We highly recommend trying Action Segway Tours when visiting Big Bear. 

#2 Action Zipline Tours

 Get ready for a thrilling ride as you race through the Big Bear forest between nine zipline platforms! This three-hour tour will have you on an adventure of a lifetime! Start off your morning with a safety instruction video to ensure a fun-filled day, then relax during a 30 minute drive to a privately owned landscape paradise. Once you’ve strapped on the necessary equipment including a safety helmet, board their safari vehicles for your off road ride up to the platforms and allow yourself to live life on the edge while zipping through giant pine trees. After the first zipline, you will take a crazy walk on a fun suspension bridge. During our experience, our guides were very knowledgeable, funny, and knew how to make us have a great time. They were very helpful and explained to us how to work the brakes. They were always available to take pictures and always made sure we were having fun. The last two ziplines were our favorite. They were what we call the Big Mamas!! The best part on the last two ziplines was that we were instructed to not use our brakes and just fly! This was a blast! The ziplines all range from 140’- 860’ long and they are up to 85’ above forest floor. Action Zipline Tours was professional and we highly recommend this company! The tour operates in summer and winter, so whether you are flying high through the snow or zipping on a bright sunny day, get ready to make memories that will last forever!


#1 Snow Play


Dashing through the snow, on winter inner tubes, holding hands we go, sledding down in two’s! Snow Play is an area located right off Big Bear Blvd that is designated for people of all ages to come sled the day away on one of the eight slippery slopes offered! There are a lot of reasons why we chose Snow Play as number one on our list of top activities to do when visiting Big Bear. There is no age limit, which means that anyone is at liberty to enjoy the day at this family friendly establishment. The price of a ticket is $35 per person for anyone that is 7 years old or older. The hours of operation are from 10 am to 4 pm daily, which is perfect timing for daylight. In our experience, two hours was more than enough time to be able to ride 5 times each down the small mountain, and capture some pretty epic footage along the way. We recommend this activity as a must do when visiting big bear that’s only skill required is to have fun! Enjoy!


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