The Rink at Rockefeller Center:

Imagine unlimited cups of s’mores hot cocoa accompanied by Christmas shaped frosted ginger bread cookies inside a heated igloo to start off your fun-filled evening! Once you’ve enjoyed your complimentary amenities, lace up those skates and hit the ice in holiday fashion under the bright lights of New York City! The Rink at Rockefeller Center is an iconic ice skating experience that is open through the holiday season, and we’ll explain why this attraction should be at the top of your list when visiting NYC.

Why VIP?:

Do you enjoy first class service?
Are you a fan of skipping the line?
Would you appreciate refreshments such as hot chocolate, Nespresso coffee and bottled water while lacing up your complimentary ice skates?     All these benefits and more can be yours with the purchase of a VIP ice skating ticket.
VIP skating reservations can be made via online at

How to plan your day:

Advanced reservations are always a great idea when planning your visit to The Rink. In our experience, we had a VIP reservation scheduled on a weekday at 8 pm. The entrance to the VIP igloo is located from the inside of the building, which is convenient due to the cold weather during this time. Once you have checked in for your time, entrance to the igloo is permitted. There is only a select number of people per time slot which allows comfortability while inside the designated space. The allotted time frame is two hours, and it is completely up to the person on how to spend that time. Upon entering the igloo, one can definitely feel the holiday cheer inside. Ashley and I immediately gravitated towards the hot chocolate machines, and decided that s’mores quickly became our favorite flavor, courtesy of the wonderful team member who eagerly recommended it! In addition, the freshly baked cookies were made up of gingerbread and delicious Christmas themed frosting. After we had stuffed ourselves silly of the complimentary snacks, it was time to relay our shoe sizes to the other friendly team member behind the main counter located in the center of the igloo. One tip we recommend is to find strength within yourself to part with your s’mores hot cocoa, even if just for a little while, before lacing up those ice skates as you will need BOTH hands! Finally, it was time to skate!

Left, Right, Left:

As some of you reading this can relate, ice skating is a tradition that most of us have experienced since childhood. From the moment you step out on that ice, a warm glow of childlike happiness sensation can be felt from your head to your toes. There are many types of ice skaters that can be found inside the Rink at any given time. Whether it’s holding hands on a perfect date night in slow motion fashion, a Mom or Dad teaching their kids the joy of family fun, or your regular ice skating Olympic champion from that one tv show there is always something new to see at The Rink. Each song that is played soars across the ice, up through the city walls and back into our hearts during each session. Ashley and I managed to skate about nineteen laps around the magnificent ice rink before the s’mores hot cocoa addition kicked in. Overall our experience was most enjoyable, and we would recommend the VIP experience to anyone that is entertaining the thought.

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