Ready to monkey around? Experience a full hour of monkey talk, laughs, and hugs at Animal Tracks! It is truly a unique and AMAZING experience!  We are so thankful to have partnered with Animal Tracks and are truly inspired by their care, love, devotion, and dedication to the animals. Book your experience today and get ready for an educational adventure tour filled with hands on interactions and an experience of a lifetime!!!

Animal Tracks provides a safe, healthy, and happy home for wildlife and exotic animals that cannot be returned to their natural habitats. They strive to educate the public through educational outreach, guided tours, and amazing up close animal interaction experiences! It is truly a lifetime experience and one you will not forget!

Our Experience:

Animal Tracks is an experience of a lifetime! Here at AdventurPro, we say, “The earth was made for all beings, not just human beings.” The care and dedication Animal Tracks provides is remarkable. Stacy and Alyson are AMAZING and you could really see the love they have for all of the animals. They are so informative and we were truly inspired on how they interact with the animals and how much love the animals have for them. The MONKEY EXPERIENCE is a MUST DO!!! Imagine three capuchin monkeys climbing all over your head and shoulders, while feeding assorted fruits and scrambled eggs to a baboon! We absolutely fell in love with Maci and Marley who can make anyone’s heart melt! 


The animals are so loving, friendly, and you could really see how happy they are! We spent an hour interacting with them and learning all about them. First, we got to see how the monkeys take a bath. It was such an awesome experience! Stacy explained to us they take baths before they interact due to they are urine washers. Stacy and Alyson instructed us not to touch the monkeys, however they can touch or climb on us. I felt this was very important because the monkeys were never in any stress and they do entirely what they want to do. There is no forceful interaction and they happily came and climbed all over us. This organization is very professional and they make sure it is the animal’s choice to interact with you. Maci was Michael’s favorite!! She is the most adorable capuchin monkey and let us say she was in LOVE!!


Bath Time:

After, we were able to hang out with Chrissy, the baboon and observe her play. This experience is unlike anything we have ever experienced before, it was awesome!!


We were then given an educational adventure tour filled with fun, excitement, and amazing interactions with various animals including a fennec fox, a serval, ferrets, an armadillo, two kinkajous, a wallaby, a kangaroo, a wolf, an opossum, and many more exotic animals!

Animal Tracks even has an ALLIGATOR!!

We recieved extensive information on many different reptile species they care for as well including a taratula, scorpions, and a burmese python.


The whole premises is very clean and well kept. The staff and volunteers are very informative, cheerful, and genuinely have a love for the animals. Animal Tracks is located in Agua Dolce, California. It is about a fifteen minute drive from the Santa Clarita Valley. We highly recommend this place and really appreciate the time, love, and care put into these animals!



Their facility is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit and depends on donations from animal lovers like you. They gratefully accept monetary donations of all sizes! 100% of donations go directly to the operation of their sanctuary and the care of their animals.

Donations are processed through a secure server.

We highly recommend booking your next adventure at Animal Tracks and are so happy to have partnered with them! It will truly be memories you create that will last forever!




Take an educational adventure tour of the facility, complete with hands on interaction with some of their amazing animals. The tour lasts 2 hours and unfortunately, children under 5 are not permitted.

$35 per person



Ready to monkey around? Experience a full hour of monkey talk, laughs, and hugs with four of their resident primates. Please note: Kids under 16 are not permitted at this event.

$75 per person / $100 private experience



Want to spend even more one-on-one time with their incredible animals? Email [email protected] for information on private ranch tours.

Starting at $100 per person 



Pricing for on-location parties and educational experiences starts at $395.

The Amazing Animals @ Animal Tracks:


Reptiles & Amphibians


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