Hey everyone! My name is Ashley! I am originally from California and graduated from both California State University Northridge and the Fashion Insititute of Design and Merchandising where I studied marketing and apparel merchandising. I have always had a passion for travel writing and photography. I am an avid scuba diver and have a love for the ocean. I enjoy writing about different aspects throughout our travels such as: Accommodations (Hotels and Resorts), Top Tourist Attractions, Culture and History, Restaurants, Airlines ranging from First Class to Economy, and Seasonal Travel Tips. I am always looking to tell a story not just through my eyes, but through the eyes of those around me. 

How I started Traveling: I always had a passion to travel. Growing up, my parents and grandparents took me on some pretty exciting adventures. My dad once made fun of me because after he took me on my first cruise, mind I was 9 years old, I went online to Royal Caribbean and printed out a new sailing I found that I wanted to go on and put it on his desk. He thought I was crazy! I always told myself when I was older I wanted to travel and see the whole world. As time went on, like many others, I was taught to go to college, focus on school, and start my career.  I met Michael in the summer of 2010. Our friendship blossomed into love and we booked our first trip together in January of 2011 to Cabo San Lucas and then shortly after to the Atlantis Resort in Nassau. After going international, we were hooked! We became so culturally inspired and had experiences that would last us a lifetime. We started traveling at any chance we could. We worked hard and saved everything we had. While friends were always buying new clothes, going out, or buying the latest technology, we were saving for our next trip! We wanted to fill our life with adventures and have stories to tell and not stuff to show. We started traveling like crazy and everyone would always say, “When are you guys going to settle down” or “Where are you going next” or “They are probably out swimming with sharks”. We started filming all of our adventures.

After graduating college and getting married, we both landed corporate jobs. I landed the job I always thought I dreamed of when I was younger, a corporate fashion buyer. Although, I was excited, I was not full-filled.  After I had stepped out into the world, I was so inspired to travel. I became so passionate about traveling and inspiring others to travel. I would find myself day-dreaming of my next adventure or if someone would ask me aboout something with travel, my face lit up and I couldn’t wait to tell them about it! After insane 12 hour work days at the office, a 2 hour commute each way, I was on my way to become a young professional. In any spare time I had, Michael and I always found ourselves editing our videos, writing, and looking for our next adventure. My dad once said to me when you talk about travel, your face lights up in a way and you seem so passionate. On our next adventure, a resort actually reached out to us and asked us to use our video footage for their commercial and one of my articles for their website. It was then that I realized my true happiness would not be found in a cubicle… so I recently left. Although scary and not knowing what to expect, Michael and I have grown our business tremendously, we have partnered with many resorts, hotels, restaurants, dive centers, wineries, and tour companies all around the world the past year. We are so excited to say that September 2017, we will be embarking on a world-wide journey and full-filling our dreams with AdventurPro! 

“Once you make the commitment to creating a lifestyle of travel, you will be amazed at the doors that open up for you”

My Dream Destinations: Antarctica, Tonga, and South Africa!!! 

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