What’s up my Adventurers, allow me to introduce myself! My name is Michael, originally I was born in California and raised in Colorado. Growing up my summers consisted of road tripping with friends around the United States to winter ski trips in Breckenridge with my family. Throughout my life I always had a fascination with documenting every occassion by recording small video clips on my phone. This idea started as a way to keep track of all our wild and crazy memories. In the spring of 2010, I met Ashley and we quickly became the best of friends. Late night movie runs and spontaneous trips to the beach transformed into sky diving Oceanside and Scuba Diving the famous Catalina Island. I vividly remember our friends conveying excitment for the inspritation we had given them because of our small daring adventures, and the anxiety we caused our parents to have with brief phone calls that ended with, “I’m about to jump out of a perfectly good airplane down by the ocean … I’ll call ya later. Love ya!” Cabo San Lucas and Atlantis Bahamas were the first international trips we experienced together which sparked our curiosity and drive for a world wide adventure. My skills as a videographer began to sharpen and blossom after every journey we embarked on.  In August of 2014, both of our families had planned a group vacation to Maui, Hi. This would be a captivating end to a brand new beginning, as I accomplished a helicopter proposal on top of the famous Mt. Halakela. This incredible day was followed by an endless celebration with our families at the popular Hyatt Luau. Fast forward to the present where I am an experienced drone pilot and videographer with massive editing techniques and a strong passion to inspire the world through the eyes of adventure. I can proudly say that even though my professional background on paper is a successfull corporate finance officer of 11 years, my decision has been made to fullfill my dream in pursuing digital storytelling and travel videography. My wife, family, friends, and relationship with God is a reflection of who I am. Cheers to exploring your inner adventure, and always living in the moment!

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