Michael A. Bustillos, a prolific freelance travel journalist, is a prominent figure in the world of luxury travel and adventure. As a key member of the esteemed company AdventurPro, he stands among a group of travel industry experts, dedicated to inspiring and guiding travelers worldwide through his creative storytelling, photography, and videography.

Originally from the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, Michael’s childhood was filled with outdoor adventures, instilling in him a deep love for exploration and discovery. Currently, he resides in sunny Southern California, where he continues to nurture his passion for travel and sharing the world’s wonders.

With an impressive record of visiting 73 countries and counting, Michael is on the cusp of realizing a remarkable achievement—an upcoming journey to the seventh continent, Antarctica. Remarkably, he will have traversed all seven continents before reaching the age of 40, a testament to his unwavering dedication to exploration.

Over the years, Michael has lent his expertise to various prestigious publications, including Drift Travel, Magnificent World, and SDVoyager, where his published articles serve as a source of inspiration for countless travelers. His extensive travel experience is further evident through his participation in fam trips to exotic destinations such as Tanzania, Africa, Galapagos, Ecuador, and St. Martin, among others.

Collaborating with renowned partners in the travel industry, Michael has showcased his talent and insight. His work with Celestyal Cruises, Nomad Tanzania, Hong Kong Airlines, Quasar Expeditions, Celebrity Cruises, and Atlantis Bahamas has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Michael’s impact reaches far beyond the written word. As an ambassador for the @hotel network, he wields significant influence through a staggering 130+ social media channels, collectively reaching an audience of over 80 million travelers. His dedication to the travel and hospitality industry has transformed him into a trusted source of insight for thousands of adventurers across the globe.

In the realm of travel journalism and storytelling, Michael’s name shines brightly, his contributions resonating with wanderlust seekers, and his adventures serve as a testament to the boundless possibilities that travel offers.


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